The BIG small SHOW

THE BIG SMALL SHOW brings works by over 100 artists from across New Jersey and the NY metropolitan area together at Drawing Rooms, the Jersey City art center. This survey of painting, drawing and three dimensional works completed in the last two years is opening with a weekend-long reception.

Sat, 3-5p: 1/27/18, 2/3/18, 2/10/18

Drawing Rooms
180 Grand Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Gallery Hours
Fridays 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Saturdays 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Sundays 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm



Making as Thinking

Studio Montclair
February 9 – March 29, 2018.

Studio Montclair Gallery
127 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair. 

All are invited to the opening reception on Friday, February 9, from 7 to 9 pm .


Curator Todd Lambrix, “As an artist and a professor of fine arts, I am often at odds that art-making begins with the thought and ends with the work. My practice flows in the opposite direction and I am often drawn to works in which the concept grows from the making. As I sorted through the member registry I was continually drawn towards pieces that had this kind of physicality to them. They had a direct decisiveness that was at the same time searching for an answer. As I chose them I could almost see the process or feel the emotion propelling the making. This making seems to function as both the process and the thinking and the resulting works have a layered, open flexibility to them. For me, the notion of making as thinking suggests we are working through a problem rather than illustrating an idea. It suggests we are not sure of exactly where we stand.”

Participating artists:
Alaine Becker, Mona Brody, Kathy Cantwell, Nora Chavooshian, RitaMarie Cimini, Lorraine Deprospo, Alison Golder, Alyce Gottesman, Sheila Grabarsky, Beth Heit, Linda Brooks Hirshman, Michelle Kurlan, Wendy Letven, Susan Lisbin, Maria Lupo, Madalyn Marcus, Natalya Tali Margolin, Theda Sandiford, Katie Truk, Becky Yazdan

Personal Identity Matter

01/30/2018 - 02/10/2018

Personal Identity Matter 2018

Opening : Reception for the Artists is on Tuesday, January 30th from 6 to 8 pm

Open Monday and Tuesday by Appointment; Wed to Friday 12 to 6pm; Saturday 1 to 6pm
549 West 52nd Street, 8th Floor (Between 10th and 11th Avenue) | Phone: 212.581.1966 | E-mail: INFO@GALLERYMC.ORG

Participating Artists: Junko Yoda, Ryota Sato, Toshihisa Yoda, Yoichiro Yoda, Robert Dandarov, Slavica Janeslieva, Emily Berger, Fred Bendheim, Hovey Brock, Karen Nielsen- Fried, Lorenzo Sanjuan, Miriam Ancis, Wendy Letven, Daehee Han, Iksong Jin, Jihyun Jung, Jiyoung Gong, Jungwon Go, Kim Taebok, Lydia (Eun Young) Lee and Misol Choi

Between the Color

Site Brooklyn

Opening Reception – Friday, January 12, 2018 6-9PM

Emily Berger / Hovey Brock / Karen Nielsen-Fried / Miriam Ancis / Fred Bendheim / Wendy Letven

As the title suggests, the six abstract artists in this show rely on color as a primary constituent in their pictorial gambits for engaging the viewer. The risk, as is always the case with color, is to short-circuit the viewer’s experience with a reflexively pleasurable experience that is pleasing but goes no further. The artists whose art skews toward sculpture—Miriam Ancis, Fred Bendheim, and Wendy Letven—have less to worry about on that score given how three-dimensional works assertively engage the viewer’s space. The artists whose work principally addresses painterly issues—Emily Berger, Hovey Brock, and Karen Nielsen-Fried—all rely to a greater or lesser degree on the illusion of space to move the viewer’s experience of color in their work beyond the simply decorative. Yet, all six artists bring in color to their work as metonymic rather than metaphorical propositions, which is to say that color in these artists’ works are part of something larger in the works themselves rather than indices to something beyond the works.

No surprises here, as abstract art since Minimalism has never strayed far from the viewer’s actual experience of the object. Which brings us to the ellipsis in the title itself, as the word “between” requires a pairing, but here has only one element—color. The other element, or elements, do not get named, because the artists in this show are interested in leaving open that “something larger” that color introduces in each work. Certainly that could include the viewer’s actual experience, as Minimalism would have it, but could also include the viewer’s memories that color his or her experience, what happened that day in the news, the weather, and all the other myriad influences that color our perceptions. Consider color as not only the opening gambit for these artists but their axial metaphor for encompassing how the experience of the object intuitively shifts over time according to a number of influences that defy ready normalization, as summed up in color’s extraordinary sensitivity to light and mood. Each artist brings his or her own series of operations to bear on this process.

Sculpture for Summit Public Art in New Jersey

Working on a commission for Summit Public At this month. The piece will be installed by September 23, in time for their Gala Fundraiser in downtown Summit, NJ. 


Concepto Hudson

741 Warren Street
Hudson, New York 12534
Feb 7 – March 7, 2015


Gallery Aferro Open Studios, Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gallery Aferro Fall 2014 Open Studios for Newark Open Doors
October 12, 11-5 PM
73 Market Street

As part of Newark Open Doors, 17 current resident artists at Gallery Aferro will open their studios from 11-5 on Sunday October 12. Meet the artists and learn about their immensely varied projects. Have a glass of wine and spend some time exploring. Participating artists: Patricia Cazorla & Nancy Saleme, Dahlia Elsayed, Essential Elements Creative Collective, Sunil Garg, Wendy Letven, Tasha Lewis, Jacob Mandel, Anne Q. McKeown, Elizabeth Storm, Amanda Thackray, Adejoke Tugbiyele, Emily Tumbleson, Ken Weathersby, Jay Wilson. For more information visit or