photo credit: Sabine Dworak–de Vries


Wendy Letven explores contrasting visual languages in her ongoing series of works. Her boldly colored paintings and sculptural works involve the viewer through the accessibility, esthetic beauty and communicative aspect of them, while raising questions about the nature of language and perception that are common to us all. Through drawing, Letven has studied patterns and forms in nature and in her urban environment and extracted those that are most universal, and repeat across disparate structures and patterns of growth. Taking these essentially planar and symbolic graphic forms, she distorts and contorts them to add an illusion of dimension and layers them in physical space. Letven is interested in the illusory potential of art to challenge perceptions of two and three dimensional space in this way and in blurring the lines between natural and human-made typologies of form. Color, light and shadow are used to both articulate and contradict form in space and to bring life to the work. Layered patterns, shapes and expressive calligraphic lines are compounded and interwoven forming fluid compositions and assemblages that point to larger metaphysical themes.

Wendy works fluidly across different media, developing content through the process of negotiating between the physicality of her materials, perceptual and illusionistic experience and conceptual thinking.


"... it's Letven who comes closest to charting a viable new path for abstraction. Light and heavy, flat and full all at once, her work uses color not just to imitate space but to play with the very idea of it, to marvelous effect.

But it was her laser-precise paper cut-outs which left me thinking hardest. By consciously juxtaposing patterns drawn from technology and nature against each other in a highly stylized manner, all while employing high-tech implements, Letven seems to be interrogating humanity’s relationship to the world from which it sprang, discovering forms which blur the distinction we tend to make between ourselves and our ecology. " –John Micheal Colon

More information about specific bodies of work can be found in each sub category on this site.

Wendy Letven is originally from the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania, but has loved in the New York area in Brooklyn, Manhattan and New Jersey, for a number of years. She studied at Washington University in St. Louis and Tyler School of Art in Pennsylvania, where she received her BFA. She received an MFA from Hunter College.

Since that time Wendy has exhibited her work in museums and galleries in the New York area including The Bronx Museum, Aljira Gallery, Momenta Art, Mayson Gallery, Equity Gallery and others. She has been an artist in residence at Dieu Donne in New York, Gallery Aferro in Newark and The McDowell Colony in New Hampshire. More recently, she has created public art installations and outdoor sculpture for programs including Activate Market Street, in Newark, Summit Public Art, Morris Arts in an exhibit curated by Mary Birmingham of the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey and as an invited artist at the Metropolitan Pavillion in Manhattan for the expo I Love Playtime, New York in 2016 and 2018. In the fall of 2018 Wendy will create an installation in New York City for the Flatiron Prow Artspace.

As a Visual Arts Educator, learning new technology and finding innovative ways of using it at Parsons, The New School, where she teaches, is a job requirement and has become second nature to her. Wendy also teaches at the Stevens Institute in Hoboken in New Jersey and at Montclair State University, also in New Jersey, walking distance from her home and studio.

Please feel free to contact Wendy if you would like to inquire about works for sale, commissions or would like to arrange a visit to her studio in New Jersey, a 20 minute drive or half hour train ride outside New York City.